Artist Statement

My Process – Finding the Essence

Since my first attempt at picture making, my process has changed considerably. However, what has not changed is my desire to tell a story visually.  It does not matter what the subject is I am working on, a portrait, a landscape or an abstract, my process is always the same.  I start my creative process by playing with my art materials to determine how best to show my subject.  That “playing around stage” might last for some time.  It would certainly include small sketches using a variety of shapes in different tones and formats to make my marks.  At this stage my concentration is enormous as I struggle to find the essence of my subject and how best to portray that onto my support.  I intuitively solve many of the complexities of composition at this stage. 

When My Subject Starts To Speak To Me


My paintings usually include many mediums from the humble pencil, to watercolour; oil or acrylic paint; inks; chalk or oil pastels.   One thing is constant, I have to feel my way very slowly at first, usually until the piece I am working on “starts to speak to me”, and then I know the direction I must take to execute the composition. 

A New Story


​In recent years I have been working with watercolour print making.  After I pour my paints onto my plastic plate, and using my brushes, or my fingers if my brushes will not make the mark that I want, I work my shapes into the paint.  When the paint has dried I lay my wet watercolour paper over my plate and run it through the press.  Seldom does a piece come out the way I planned it and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised to find a new story to tell!  


Let me share my passion and creativity with you!